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Refocusing the NJR’s Regional Coordinator team with a national overview

The NJR’s Regional Coordinator (RC) team provide a vital field-based link between hospitals and the National Joint Registry (NJR). The role provided by Regional Coordinators has been pivotal in ensuring appropriate data entry and stakeholder information services training, encouraging hospitals and surgeons to comply with the NJR, and supporting the increase in the number of records submitted with patient consent. More recently the RC team have been the driving force behind the NJR’s inaugural data quality audit.

The RC team is organised with a regional focus.  However, there is a pressing need for a much broader national overview to the work undertaken by the RC team to ensure the best possible support and services for those engaged with the NJR.  

With this in mind, the NJR is delighted to announce that from 1 November 2016 each Regional Coordinator will also have a designated national function designed to strengthen the support for NJR activities and services across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.  With the team’s refocus to now include national responsibilities, the NJR will have better visibility across the registry to identify trends and areas where support is required.

Introducing the NJR’s Regional Coordinator team and their national responsibilities:

Inez Dunn 
National Role: 
RC Team Leader and Consent, Compliance and Linkability lead
Regional Role: Regional Coordinator for North West, North Wales, Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

As RC Team Leader, Inez’s role will be to ensure that the RC team is working efficiently and effectively to deliver the best possible support to all Trusts and independent hospitals across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Additionally, Inez will focus on the monitoring of consent, compliance and linkability in all hospitals who submit to the NJR. By liaising with and supporting the RC team closely, Inez will offer them an escalation point for concerns or queries, and then have the overall responsibility of raising issues with the appropriate agencies.

Commenting on the refocused roles, Inez said: “As a team we are looking forward to working and supporting each other in our new national functions.  I hope this introduction to the national responsibilities across the team will give all those engaged with the NJR a broader view of our individual remits – and who best to contact for specific queries.”

Anita Cannon 
National Responsibility: NJR data anomaly submission monitoring 
Regional Role: Regional Coordinator for South East England

Anita’s National Monitoring role involves the identification of NJR records that appear to be incorrect, and bringing these to the attention of hospital units in a timely manner. For example, these will include duplicate primaries, revision before primary, hemiarthroplasty operations recorded as revisions, the size mismatch of components, ASA5 procedures, and same day revisions. Anita will also monitor units' ‘edit stack’ and records with no traced NHS number. She will provide units with reports to help them manage their anomalies more effectively.  This work dovetails nicely to data quality and patient safety.  Furthermore, this supports the work units are already undertaking to improve the quality of their data submissions.

Lorna Watson 
National Responsibility:
NJR Quality Data Provider (QDP) scheme 
Regional Role: Regional Coordinator for the East of England and the East Midlands

Lorna’s Quality Data Provider (QDP) role involves identifying and managing the list of units that become eligible for the scheme.  The NJR’s QDP award reflects a unit’s proactive commitment patient safety and to reward those who have met NJR data quality targets and standards in a timely manner.  Lorna will liaise with successful units who want to raise their profile locally by coordinating publicity for their achievement.  The scheme is directly linked to data quality, but the eligibility criteria also includes payment of NJR annual subscription and having less than 10 per cent levels in the registry for ‘unknown’ patient consent.
Sue Campey 
National Responsibility:
surgeon liaison
Regional Role: Regional Coordinator for London and Essex

Sue’s role involves holding responsibility for monitoring and managing all surgeon queries. This includes responding promptly at national level, ensuring that both the query and the outcome to the query are logged on a central system, and are actioned in a timely and appropriate manner.  Overtime, this will allow some trending of queries to be undertaken and will focus the RC team on areas that are currently causing issues for surgeons, to identify where additional support or clarity is required.  This new process of centrally recording all queries that come through to the RC team will provide a measurable statistic for on-going analysis.
Carol Maskrey 
National Role:
NJR training coordinator
Regional Role: Regional Coordinator for SW England, South Midlands and South Wales


Carol will work closely with NJR Communication colleagues on the strategy, creation and implementation of NJR training nationwide.  She will lead on the development of training documentation, materials and processes on behalf of the RC team, and will be the focal point for training new users.  For example, this training may include refreshed training manuals, remote training via WebEx and the introduction of online video tutorials for NJR stakeholders.  Carol will work closely with her RC colleagues, who may identify training gaps or areas of continuing development through trending activity of their individual national functions.

Maggie Tate 
National Role:
NJR Data Quality Audit lead
Regional Role: Regional Coordinator for Cleveland, Cumbria, Durham; East, Yorkshire, Humberside, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and parts of Lancashire.

Maggie will hold the responsibility of managing the NJR’s annual Data Quality Audit on behalf of the RC team nationally.  With the NJR’s national data quality and completeness programme for 2016/17 underway, and involving both NHS and independent sector units, Maggie’s role will be pivotal in ensuring the NJR collects and reports upon the most complete, accurate data possible.  Maggie will be the main point of contact for all hospitals and will lead on day to day communications with units concerning the Data Quality Audit. Maggie is well suited for this role, having an NHS background in Clinical Audit and Information Governance.

For further information or to find out who your local RC is click here, or you can email a member of the RC team by using the email format:


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