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About the NJR implant card pilot project

Welcome to the National Joint Registry’s (NJR) implant card pilot project.  The NJR wants to find out from patients whether an implant card and online information service will be a positive addition to the information patients receive after their operation.

You will have received a letter as one of 5,000 joint replacement patients we have selected to take part in a pilot project. NHS and private patients have been selected from around the country.

As you might be aware, patients can already access their NJR record through an application form submitted to the NJR Centre. Many of the requests we receive either ask for details of the types of implant used in the operation or when and where the operation took place.

We want to find out if an online service would be of interest to joint replacement patients and if they do, how best to provide the required information. It has the potential to share information quickly with every joint replacement patient who has consented to have their details kept on the NJR.

To take part in the project:

  1.  Click here to register (if you haven’t already done so), you will need the implant card sent to you in the post to hand
  2. Answer the six simple questions as part of the registration process
  3. Once you have had chance to look around, look out for the survey link so that you can tell us what you think of the sample information pages we have provided. If the service is to be rolled out to all joint replacement patients in the future, we really do value your opinions at this point.

If you are coming to the website after the initial deadline of 9 May 2014, please do still take part as the responses to the questionnaires will still be included.

This project is being trialled by the National Joint Registry and is using a service developed by the same people that keep the NJR records secure (Northgate Information Solutions).

It is important to note that implant cards pilot website does not contain real patient information. However, it does feature sample information to show what a typical NJR record of a joint replacement surgery looks like.  For example, whilst the implant brands and manufacturers highlighted do exist, the product numbers and the manufacturing codes are not real.

Why are we asking for an email address as part of the registration process? In addition to providing access to the pilot service, the NJR would also like to be able to contact you to alert you to any other relevant information that has been published on the website.  This will save you having to go and look for the information.  

Although we have asked you for your email address, we do not anticipate the need to contact you again during the pilot however we would like to let you know what the outcome of the project is.

What might the implant card and online service mean to you and other patients? It might help you to:

  • Access a single source of information. If you have had more than one type of joint replacement or have had your original joint replacement revised, all the details will be available to you in one place
  • Inform others if necessary (and at your convenience), such as healthcare professionals, when you had your operation, where you had it, what you had done and the name of your consultant at the time
  • Find out where you can get further advice and support from other organisations and charities

It might also provide:

  • A way for you to feedback to us about how you are getting on after your operation – this would help the NJR to be more effective in its role
  • Peace of mind so you know what device you have and can get information about it quickly. Plus, allay any fears if you see press reports regarding particular implants. Recently, many patients, who do not know what they have had implanted, have been unnecessarily distressed by some press reports

If you think this could be a positive addition to the information and services provided for joint replacement patients, please register as soon as possible and use the surveys to tell us what you think.

Thank you for your time.

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