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NJR Research programme

Public and patient overview

The National Joint Registry collects information about joint replacements of the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle performed on patients in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. Our register has more of this type of information than any other in the world, and we aim to use it to improve the lives of patients living with joint replacement. We do this by answering questions about why patients need joint replacement, comparing different treatments and how they work, and by studying the outcomes and complications of joint diseases and their treatment.

We have a committee called the Research Sub-committee that looks at all requests to do research on the data. Our first priority is to protect those who have given their details to the register. We are also there to make sure that the research done is properly thought through and organised and importantly, to make sure that the information is looked after so that patients are protected.

Scientific overview

The National Joint Registry is a uniquely powerful resource that can provide a substrate for definitive research into the full range of biological, mechanical, clinical, economic, and social factors influencing the outcome of joint replacement. The data can also help establish the impact of joint replacement surgery on the well-being of patients and the general population.

The Research Sub-committee aims to maximise the value of the registry by making data widely available. Specifically, it:

  • Takes responsibility for the release of data for research through an impartial and objective protocol
  • Has oversight of the use and reporting of NJR data by research groups
  • Has a commitment to uphold in the standard and consistency of work that is carried out on NJR data and
  • Is responsible to the NJR Steering Committee

Research Sub-committee (RSC) objectives

The NJR's RSC is working to:

  • Protect the NJR dataset and strengthen its governance through safe, effective, and efficient data management
  • Provide a single entry point and management pathway for all research proposals and activity
  • Maximise data access for researchers
  • Align research activity to a framework of priority themes
  • Promote the profile and branding of the NJR resource
  • Deliver research strategy through an expertise-based RSC

RSC Priority framework

The NJR is a resource that is made available to external researchers conducting new and clinically relevant research in patients who have received a joint replacement of the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder or elbow. This research must also meet UK legislation for data protection, governance and research ethics requirements.

Requests for access to the NJR dataset should fit within one of the following priority thematic areas:

  • Device and technology assessment
  • Patient outcomes, safety, & risk management
  • Health economics & cost effectiveness
  • Surgeon education & training
  • Patient information & shared decision-making
  • Disease diagnosis and prognosis
  • Disease causation, prevention & treatment
  • Injury or trauma in the setting of joint replacement
  • Healthy development and ageing in patients with joint disease and replacement

RSC Membership

The NJR's RSC is currently chaired by Professor Mark Wilkinson.

The membership of the committee is:



Prof. Mark Wilkinson
NJRSC Public health and epidemiology member (Chairman)
Prof. Alex MacGregor Immediate past-Chairman (ex-officio)
Mr Martyn Porter
NJR Medical Director (NJR Medical Advisory Committee representative)
Mr Peter Howard
NJRSC consultant orthopaedic surgeon member
Prof. Andrew Price
NJRSC consultant orthopaedic surgeon member
Prof. Amar Rangan
NJRSC consultant orthopaedic surgeon member
Prof. James Mason Health economist
Sue Musson NJRSC patient representative member
Gillian Coward NJRSC patient representative member
Dr Simon Sinclair
Engineer/Industry representative 
Dr Claire Newell
Data quality manager - Northgate Public Services (Contract representative)
Dr Martin Pickford Orthopaedic advisor - Northgate Public Services (Contract representative)
Mike Swanson
Prinicpal consultant - Northgate Public Services (Contract representative)
Prof. Yoav Ben-Shlomo Professor of clinical epidemiology - University of Bristol (Contract representative)
Dr Celia Gregson

Consultant Senior Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Medicine - University of Bristol (Contract representative)

Mr David Macdonald  NJRSC independent sector representative member
HQIP Management
Elaine Young Director of Operations - NJR, HQIP
Eve Riley Associate Director of Research and Governance - NJR, HQIP

Expert panel

The RSC has recently established an expert panel. This purpose of this group is to advise the RSC on an ad hoc basis for relevant, highly specific research application queries. The expert panel currently comprises:

Panel member
Area of expertise
Dr Jonathan Jeffers   
Mechanical engineering                                                                               
Mr Andy Goldberg
Foot and ankle surgery 



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