How does the National Joint Registry's work benefit me? How can I become a part of the NJR's Regional Support network? Who are the working groups the NJR works with? We aim to answer all your questions whether it be in person at a conference, in our Annual Report and weekly reports or here on out website

National Joint Registry
Steering Committee

The NJRSC is designated as an NHS England ‘Committee of Experts’ and our Chair reports directly to the Medical Director for NHS England.

The NJRSC is responsible for setting our strategic direction and for overseeing the successful delivery of our work and closely managing the associated budget.

The committee also oversees a supporting structure of eight sub-committees, each responsible for a dedicated area of NJR work and ensuring the delivery of work plans and development activities against agreed objectives.

Steering Committee – key responsibilities here
Minutes of previous committee meetings here
NJR committee structure here

See Sir Paul talking about the role of the Steering Committee and our future work

Chair &
Vice Chair

Professor Sir Paul Curran, National Joint Registry Steering Committee (NJRSC) Chair

Professor Sir Paul Curran

NJR Chair

Tim Wilton NJRSC

Mr Tim Wilton

NJR Medical Director
Vice Chair, NJRSC

Chair, Medical Advisory Committee.


Peter Howard

Mr Peter Howard

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Chair, Surgical Performance and Implant Scrutiny Committees.

Mr Derek Pegg

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Chair, Data Quality and Regional Clinical Coordinators Committees.

Mike Reed NJRSC

Prof. Mike Reed

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Chair, Editorial Committee.

Amar Rangan

Prof. Amar Rangan

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mark Wilkinson

Prof. Mark Wilkinson

Public Health / Epidemiology

Chair, Research Committee.

Karen Barker

Prof. Karen Barker OBE

Practitioner with special interest in orthopaedics

Joshua Bridgens

Orthopaedic Implant
Manufacturer Representative

Hassan Achakri, Orthopaedic Implant 
Manufacturer Representative and Member of the NJR Steering Committee (NJRSC)

Dr Hassan Achakri

Orthopaedic Implant
Manufacturer Representative

Gillian Coward

Patient Representative

Robin Brittain

Robin Brittain

Patient Representative

Peter James

Independent Healthcare Sector Representative


NHS Trust Manager

Co-opted members

Tim Briggs

Prof. Tim Briggs CBE

Chair GIRFT Programme / National Director for Clinical Improvement and Elective Recovery NHSE

Becky Owen

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Representative

Robin Rice NJRSC

Robin Rice

Welsh Government Representative

Andy Smallwood

Andy Smallwood

NHS Procurement Representative

Mr Simon Hodkinson

President, British Orthopaedic Association

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