How does the National Joint Registry's work benefit me? How can I become a part of the NJR's Regional Support network? Who are the working groups the NJR works with? We aim to answer all your questions whether it be in person at a conference, in our Annual Report and weekly reports or here on out website

Our values

How we work together on all our workstreams, in our committees and working groups, in our team roles and with any contractors providing services to the NJR is underpinned by our five values, which are:

  • We are committed to excellence in all of our activities and services in order to enable positive results for patients.
  • We engage in our work with passion, driving opportunities to provide the best solutions, to ultimately enable improved patient outcomes.
  • We are an innovative global exemplar of an implantable medical device registry and always aspire to operate at the cutting edge.
  • We demonstrate integrity and inspire trust, adhering to strong ethical standards across all our data collection, management, analysis and reporting processes.
  • We practice collaborative and inclusive ways of working, with broad representation from our stakeholders across our wide range of activities.

How our values underpin and influence the way we work


Becky works closely with the NJR committees and clinicians that monitor implant, hospital and surgeon outcomes – excellence of outcome is what she wants to see achieved across this key work.


The immense and infectious passion of our team Director, Elaine inspires us all in our love for the work of the NJR.

Innovation, NJR Values

Alyson reviews applications for NJR supported research, to ensure those approved will have value for patients – she is extra happy when these research questions are innovative in questioning what can be done to improve outcomes for patients.

Integrity, NJR Values

In his role in the NJR team, Chris oversees delivery of good governance, as well as the quality and integrity of patient procedure data.

Collaboration, NJR Values

Theresa works very collaboratively across the team, especially with her responsibility for managing key work delivered by our NJR contractors.

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