NJR Events

We are pleased to share details of our recent NJR Research Webinar, which was planned to guide and facilitate the use of NJR data for research.

NJR Research Webinar 2022: video recording of all presentations

As the largest data collection of its kind in the world, our strategy is to make NJR data widely available to the research community to further the understanding of joint diseases and the determinants for successful outcomes for joint replacement patients.. We are engaged in an active research programme and welcome external requests for use of data that will maximise the research potential of this rich resource.

To enable wider awareness of our work we held a webinar for those interested in the use of NJR data as part of any future research activity, which provided a varied and stimulating programme. This covered:  how to access and utilise the data; the process and governance requirements; an introduction to the statistics and support required, as well as highlighting the importance of patient and public involvement in research. 

You can see the full programme here.
Click here to view the webinar now on our YouTube channel.

NJR Regional Events

We are always pleased to invite all staff in both NHS and independent sector hospitals to attend the NJR annual programme of free-to-attend regional events.

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 we had postponed the planning for any NJR events last year but we are now starting to plan our 2022 activities.

By attending an NJR event, delegates will take away skills to demonstrate the highest possible standards of clinical governance that all hospitals strive to achieve. All staff involved with the NJR process in your hospitals are welcome including: data entry, pre-assessment, theatre, clinical governance staff, surgeons, managers and nurses.

Because the NJR is a national mandatory audit, time to attend can be requested from your line-manager to support your attendance, as part of ongoing continuing professional development training and we provide formal attendance certificates for all delegates. The programme presents a unique networking opportunity for all those engaged with the NJR and involved in assuring data quality and patient safety.

We will soon advise our plans for 2022.

Healthcare Conference UK events

We sometimes we promote events organised by external companies which have a relevance for patients, healthcare providers or hospital data entry staff, which will be listed below that are organised and may be of interest:

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