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NJR Management Feedback

NJR Management Feedback can be found through our NJR Connect – Data Services new suite of reporting services. Click the link below to access NJR Connect:

NJR Connect – Data Services

The reporting system presents hospital management staff with range of reports to give a thorough overview of key indicators of their hospital’s performance in joint replacement. This has always been presented in an Annual Clinical Report (ACR) using NJR data for the most recent financial year covering:

  • Indicators of data quality: rates of compliance, patient consent and linkability.
  • Hip and knee replacement outcomes data (funnel plots), for revision for all units and surgeons (anonymised), across procedure types.
  • Unit outcomes data for hip and knee replacement (funnel plots) for mortality.

The report for FY2022/23 will be available for every hospital from 30 November 2023.

Changes in this years report are:

  • 001. Now that surgery is back to pre-pandemic levels, the definition of an active surgeon has reverted back to one year from two years. i.e. surgeons will only be shown as active if they have activity recorded in the latest 12 month reporting period
  • 002. The Shoulder PROMs report has been reinstated, comparing completion rates for the previous two calendar years.
  • 019. Changes to indicator summary thermometer plots to make the layout and reading consistent. We have made the data quality funnel plots show better than results to the left and worse than results to the right of the thermometer plot.
  • 003. Data quality audit section now includes results for ankle, elbow and shoulder.

NJR Management Feedback Reporting System

Through the reporting system, all authorised users can access individual hospital and trust level/independent group reports, information and resources, by logging onto the secure portal.

The management feedback service includes the following functionality:

  • Dynamic reports – view and interact with your own data using predefined filters.
  • 90-day mortality/attributable revisions module – view a list of relevant records, dating back to 1st January 2019, with the ability to drill down to see further details.
  • Static reports – view and download a range of pdf and Excel document reports, e.g. Annual Clinical Reports (ACR) and Implant Reports.
  • Resources – access a list of useful supporting documents, including system user guides and user training videos and links to our other NJR websites.
  • Contacts database – search for other staff who work at the same hospital, subject to individual user access rights set.

The full details of reporting functionality included is outlined in this document here.

Accessing the service

If you have not yet registered to access the NJR Management Feedback system, you can request access by contacting the NJR Service Desk by email at: or by phone: 0845 345 9991.You will then need to wait for your registration to be approved by the NJR. This approval process exists to ensure that only legitimate users may access sensitive data.

For users already registered on the previous NJR Management Feedback system, please click on the following link to access the new system at:  NJR Connect – Data Services

Please select ‘Forgotten Username’ and enter your email address when prompted; you will then be sent an email advising you of your new username.  

Once you have your new username, you will need to return to the log-in screen, enter your new username and select ‘Forgotten Password’. You will be sent a further email with a temporary password which you should then use to log on for the first time.  You will be required to change the temporary password on first log on. Access to the login user guide is available on the login screen and on the top-left hand side of this page.

If you are a Clinician Feedback user, authorised to access Management Feedback, you will be able to select either feedback system.

System user guide

Please refer to the top-left hand side of this page for the Management Feedback User Guide which is also available in the ‘Resources’ section of the new system, where you can also find a suite of video material that will enable you to see how you can move around the different reports that are available.

Should you encounter any problems in accessing the system please get in touch with the NJR Service Desk by email at: or by phone: 0845 345 9991.

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