2021/22 Audit Period

We are pleased to see that many units have already uploaded their financial year 2021/22 audit data and achieved the minimum required compliance of 95%. Any hospitals who have not yet commenced this audit should be aware that in this fourth year of automated data quality audit functionality, we have shortened the audit completion window for National Joint Registry (NJR) Quality Data Provider (QDP) Scheme award eligibility. The deadline for achieving a minimum compliance of 95% is December 2022. The full set of criteria can be found in Criteria Table A below, you can also find this on the left hand side of this page.

2022/23 Audit Period and new three-tier NJR Quality Data Provider Scheme

The 2022/23 audit is also open.

From the 2022/23 audit year, a new three-tier, Gold, Silver and Bronze awarding system will be applied to our NJR QDP Scheme to further encourage all hospitals to strive to achieve the most excellent data quality standard, and to enable those who achieve tis to receive the greatest recognition for achieving excellence in supporting patient safety standards through their compliance with the mandatory NJR data submission quality audit process.

To achieve a QDP award, hospitals are required to meet the criteria set out in the ‘Criteria table B below’ you can also find on the left hand side of this page.

As usual with our awards, those hospitals who achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze award status will have the award emblem placed on their hospital dashboard page on the NJR’s Surgeon and Hospital Profile website, at https://surgeonprofile.njrcentre.org.uk. The website displays orthopaedic data, which is published on an annual basis (refreshed in January each year), for hospitals where any joint replacement operations are carried out, in all the geographical areas where the NJR is operational. You can also request the emblem logo to place ion your own hospital website.

Our NJR Compliance Officers and our NJR Data Quality Officer can offer support to help you attain the targets we have set for the achievement of the award.

If you would like assistance in relation to any of your audits, please contact your NJR Compliance Officer via the NJR Service Desk to request their support by email at enquiries@njrcentre.org.uk, or by phone on 0845 345 9991. You can also contact Maggie Tate, NJR Data Quality Officer, via the NJR Service Desk.

Summary of audit period submission deadlines for QDP award eligibility:

Audit PeriodNJR subscription payment deadline for award eligibilityAudit data submission deadline for award eligibilityQuality Data Provider award year
2021/2231 December 202131 December 20222022/23
2022/2331 December 202230 June 20232023
New three-tier award scheme applicable (see left for details.).
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