NJR Quality Data Provider award scheme 2024 completion deadlines

NJR Data Quality audits and our three-tier NJR Quality Data Provider award scheme

The deadline for submission of data for the 2023/24 NJR audit will be 30 September 2024.
Our awards are a three-tier system: gold, silver and bronze levels, to encourage all hospitals to strive to achieve the most excellent data quality standards.

This enables only those who achieve the highest standards to receive the gold level, giving them the greatest recognition for achieving excellence in supporting patient safety standards through their compliance with the mandatory NJR data submission quality audit process.

Audit PeriodAudit data submission deadline for award eligibilityQuality Data Provider award year
2023/2430 September 20242024

To achieve an award, hospitals are required to meet the targets in the criteria set out in the ‘Criteria Table’ on the left-hand side of this page.

Those hospitals who have achieved a gold, silver or bronze award status will have the equivalent award emblem placed on their hospital dashboard page at https://surgeonprofile.njrcentre.org.uk – the NJR’s Surgeon and Hospital Profile website which displays orthopaedic data for hospitals where any joint replacement operations are carried out in all of the geographical areas where the NJR is operational. The data are refreshed annually, during the month of January each year. We will also be publishing the outcome of the awards this year on this website.

Teams can also request the emblem logo to place on their own hospital website.

Our regional NJR staff can offer support to help hospitals attain the audit targets we have set for the achievement of the award. If you would like assistance in relation to any of your audits, please contact your NJR Compliance Officer via the NJR Service Desk to request their support, by email at enquiries@njrcentre.org.uk or by phone on 0845 345 9991. You can also contact Maggie Tate, NJR Data Quality Officer, via the NJR Service Desk.

2024/25 Data Quality Audit

The data quality audit for the 2024/25 audit year will open to hospitals on 1 July 2024 (and will close on 30 September 2025). The opening of this audit has been slightly delayed to allow for the addition of new OPCS codes for hip hemiarthroplasty and DAIRs procedures to be included as part of the audited data.
These codes will not be used as part of the 2023/24 audit period and should only be used to audit cases from 1 April 2024.
If you would like to receive details of the new codes, please contact Maggie Tate directly by email NJR.dataquality@nhs.net.


Does the audit for 2023/24 include hip hemiarthroplasty and DAIRs procedures?For the 2023/24 audit, hip hemiarthroplasty and DAIRs procedures are excluded
How is baseline compliance calculated?Baseline compliance is calculated by looking at the number of relevant cases from your hospital PAS upload (excluding those that you have marked as not being NJR procedures or where the patient hasn’t consented) and seeing how many of these have a corresponding NJR record on the first run of the DQA – i.e. before any missing cases are added to the registry.
Does the three-tier system mean a site needs to have an initial score of at least 95% to meet the criteria? As an example, some of our sites start below this threshold but then work on the data to meet the 95%. Will this mean these sites will no longer get the award if that’s the case?That’s right. We want to award the units that have good systems and processes in place to identify patients at the time of their operation. Where patients are identified later using the DQA, this means it takes longer for us to identify issues and also means that patients are less likely to be asked for their consent.
How does the three-tier system work with sites who upload data in sections throughout the year before submitting the whole audit towards the end of the year? Will this ‘part submissions’ process impact their ability to meet the below criteria? If so, is there a way we can check a site’s compliance periodically throughout the year without impacting the audit criteria?Where a hospital submits PAS data more than once in a year (e.g., quarterly) then the baseline compliance is aggregated across each submission to give a single baseline percentage. The status of each case as present or missing is based on its first appearance in the file.
What is the criteria for achieving each of gold, silver and bronze awards?  Will it be 100% on initial upload of activity data before any audit correct is gold, silver if after audit 100% is reached and bronze 95 – 99% achievement after audit?Bronze award is minimum 95% baseline and 98% when missing cases are entered
Silver award is minimum 97% baseline and 99% when missing cases are entered
Gold award is 99% baseline and 100% when missing cases are entered.
Other than the data quality audit scores, what other criteria must be met to achieve each of gold, silver and bronze awards?The full criteria for the award are:
● Baseline compliance of 95% / 98% / 99%
● Percentage of cases with no status to be no higher than 2% / 1% / 0%
● End state compliance of 98% / 99% / 100%
Will we get a chance to remove any records which shouldn’t be in the audit (e.g. NJR consent refused) & reprocess the audit before our initial compliance is calculated?Yes, cases where NJR consent are refused or confirmed to not be NJR procedures will be removed from the denominator for both baseline and end state compliance calculations.
How long do we have from the initial upload to look at the audit, remove any records which need to be excluded and reprocess it?Any cases identified as exclusions within four weeks of the initial upload will be excluded from the denominator for both baseline and end-state compliance.

Snapshot of award criteria

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