NJR Management Team

The NJR Management Team is led by the NJR Director of Operations and supports the work of the NJRSC and its sub-committees. The team is responsible for the overall operational, contract and performance management of the NJR and for the associated communications to support NJR business activity and stakeholder engagement.

The NJR’s services are delivered under two separate contracts, which are overseen, managed and monitored by the NJR Management Team.
These are:

  • Contract Lot 1: Data Management, Data Solutions and Associated Services
  • Contract Lot 2: Statistical Analysis, Solutions and Associated Services
Elaine Young

Elaine Young
Director of Operations

Elaine has responsibility for the overall management and strategic direction of the National Joint Registry, ensuring that NJR programmes are aligned to broader policy direction and national projects; as well as supporting the work of the NJR, the Steering Committee and committee members.

Contact Elaine
Please contact Elaine’s Executive Assistant, Leeanna Alloway
(details below), with any queries in the first instance.

Senior management team

Chris Boulton
Deputy Director
of Operations

Chris has responsibility for the operational delivery of the National Joint Registry, ensuring that NJR activity is delivered effectively; as well as supporting the NJR Director of Operations, the Steering Committee and committee members across the NJR.

Contact Chris:
07495 586072

Deirdra Taylor
Associate Director of Communication
and Stakeholder Engagement

Deirdra is responsible for NJR’s stakeholder communication activities. This includes managing the production of the NJR annual report and raising awareness through press, website, events and media management.

Contact Deirdra – (press):
07983 202953

Yemi Garuba
Associate Director of Operations
and Contract Management

As NJR’s Associate Director of Operations and Contracts, Yemi is responsible for monitoring all aspects of NJR business, contracts and finance to ensure the NJR achieves its strategic objectives.

Contact Yemi:
07904 597881

Rebecca Swinson
Associate Director of Performance
and Business Planning

Becky is responsible for overseeing the NJR’s clinical performance programmes and delivery of the committee and business functions of the NJR, supporting the NJR Director of Operations and NJR Deputy Director of Operations.

Contact Becky:
07932 889752

Staff team members

Theresa Zlonkiewicz
Operations Manager of Contracts and Service Delivery

Theresa supports the management of NJR contracts and operational activity, measuring the progress and performance of NJR outsourced activity. She monitors individual projects, assists with strategic development and also supports NJR’s Committee work programmes to deliver a number of ad hoc operational activities and varied work-streams.

Contact Theresa:
07904 598113

Oscar Espinoza
Communication and Design

Oscar is responsible for managing much of the output of the communication department, from website and social media management, CRM administration sharing content for NJR stakeholder communication and for ensuring all materials are produced in accordance with NJR brand guidelines, amongst other ad hoc communication activities.

Contact Oscar:
07932 889753

Sam Harper
Operations Manager of Performance and Business Planning 

Sam is responsible for managing the NJR’s Outlier Management workstreams in relation to Surgeons, Units and Manufacturers, and supporting the NJR Surgical Performance, Implant Scrutiny and Data Quality Committees.

Contact Sam:
07904 597851

Alyson Ottley
Research and Governance
Programme Manager

Alyson is responsible for managing the NJR’s research programme; processing research applications, supporting the Research Committee and Research Fellows. She also oversees the data and information governance function, handling data and Freedom of information requests.

Contact Alyson:
07943 813077

Leeanna Alloway
Executive Assistant to Director of Operations

Leeanna provides administrative assistance to the Director of Operations and provides secretariat support for the NJR’s Steering Committee, Medical Advisory Committee and Executive Committee.

Contact Leeanna:
07950 643899

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