How does the National Joint Registry's work benefit me? How can I become a part of the NJR's Regional Support network? Who are the working groups the NJR works with? We aim to answer all your questions whether it be in person at a conference, in our Annual Report and weekly reports or here on out website


We provide regional support to all hospitals through our NJR Regional Clinical Coordinators and also through our NJR Compliance Officer team. This support enables hospital staff to comply with the work of the registry and to achieve the NJR’s key performance indicators.

NJR Compliance Officers are primarily focused on providing support to hospital units to enable them to achieve compliance with NJR’s Key Performance Indicators, documenting any local challenges staff may be experiencing and recommending best practice solutions in order to counteract these. If necessary, they will escalate any problems encountered up through hospital management teams and Regional Clinical Coordinators, to further support staff to attain resolution.

Specific guidance and support activities provided by our NJR Compliance Officer support service staff are:

  • to advise on ways to encourage an increase in the number of records submitted with patient consent for details to be entered on to the registry.
  • to facilitate data completeness and quality checks, including engagement with our NJR data quality provider award programmes.
  • to provide training and guidance about registry data entry and also about our stakeholder information reporting services.
  • to disseminate information on behalf of the NJR and share details of the registry’s progress and work developments.
  • to provide support and guidance on how to navigate through and access the information that is available within NJR Connect – Data Services for surgeons and management, for example: Annual and Clinical Level Reports and Management Feedback.

The NJR’s Compliance Officers can provide further training, advice and guidance to all hospital-based NJR stakeholders wherever this is required.  Hospital data entry and clinical staff can request NJR support and any further training that they may require by contacting the NJR Service Desk by email: or by phone: 0845 345 9991.

The NJR Compliance Officer team is made up of the four officers below, each with a geographical region of NHS trusts and a group of independent hospitals within their specific remit:

Position Vacant

North West

Fiona Timmins

North East
07592 593535

Sue Parsons

South West
07773 089525

Karen Roach

South East
07526 512972

You can see the regional location boundaries for the Compliance Officers in the map below:

Last update April 2024

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