Regional Clinical Coordinators (RCC) Committee

From time to time we share the opportunity for surgeons to consider how they can add value to the NJR by becoming an NJR Regional Clinical Coordinator.

The National Joint Registry Regional Clinical Coordinators committee serves to provide a two-way communication link between the hospitals and surgeons providing data to the NJR and to the staff working for the registry itself.  It comprises of representatives from all regions across England, Northern Ireland and Wales, from both NHS and independent sector hospitals.

Further information about the NJR can be found here .

The committee serves as a central way for the registry to ensure the ongoing clinical relevance of its work and receive suggestions and feedback from RCC members and their regions, to be taken forward at strategic and operational level. RCCs also have a key role supporting the improvement of the quality of data in the registry and in turn, the quality of its evidence to support surgeons and clinical teams at a local level.

We are currently looking to recruit Regional Clinical Coordinators for the following regions:

  • North East and Yorkshire
  • East of England
  • London

How to apply

Please send your CV and a short covering letter outlining why you are interested in the role to

Role Description

Key functions:

  • Communicating regularly with NJR Compliance Officers (COs) to help drive forward quality in NJR compliance and patient consent rates, supporting and trouble-shooting with poorly performing providers;
  • Assist COs to validate the data submitted by hospitals in their region and support the roll-out of key data quality initiatives;
  • Host occasional training road shows and regional seminars on behalf of the NJR  and provide representation on organising committees for NJR-related events if required;
  • Provide updates at relevant regional orthopaedic meetings to raise awareness of the NJR and share important surgeon-focused information and feedback information with colleagues;
  • Assist with recruitment of and liaison with, NJR Clinical Leads (hospital-based NJR link) in each of the hospitals in their region;
  • Provide input to the RCC committee determining appropriate reporting, analysis and interpretation of their region’s data and the overall NJR data;
  • Provide support for providers and surgeons who request assistance with NJR matters, including being identified as potential outliers; and in addition
  • RCCs who are interested may also have the opportunity to contribute to other NJR committees including the Editorial Board and Data Quality Committee.

Member Expectations

RCCs are expected to attend RCC Committee meetings three times per year. Two of these meetings will take place via an online conferencing platform, such as Zoom and the third will take place face-to-face in London venue close to Euston main trainline. (If the RCC role is shared only one of the incumbent role holders need attend any meeting).

Please note that the meeting arrangements for 2022 are currently under review due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

RCCs are appointed for an initial term of 2 years, which may be extended for a further term of up to 3 years.

Additional meetings may be necessary if an RCC voluntarily wishes to participate in other areas of NJR work, including other NJR sub-committees and working groups.

Members are expected to adhere to a code of conduct commensurate with the seven principles of public life. The RCC role is not remunerated but travel expenses are paid.  


Appointments will be made by an interview panel who will consider the contributions and support already given to the NJR’s work and projects, personal suitability for the role, the balance of members with expertise in different types of joint replacement and geographical representation.

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