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NJR Editorial Committee

Chair’s report 2023 – Professor Mike Reed

Professor Mike Reed
Chair, NJR Editorial Committee
In the above video, you can see Prof Mike Reed talking about the work of the NJR Editorial Committee and our Annual Report

The NJR Editorial Committee brings together a range of contributors to collaboratively develop our report content. This includes expert clinicians from the orthopaedic specialist societies for each joint, representatives from our experienced data collection and statistical analysis reporting teams, as well as valued input from our patient and industry representatives, alongside input from senior members of the NJR Management Team, to enable the considered development and subsequent publication of the NJR Annual Report. We also plan the report launch in the autumn of each year at the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) Congress event, within a plenary session that showcases a variety of presentations about our wide range of work. 

The Committee develops the report content development strategy and style with all members taking responsibility for producing a report that is rigorously edited and reviewed, taking almost a full year to consider and prepare the content, design the layout, write all the numerous report sections and review all final content across the team.

The Editorial Committee has always supported the NJR’s research study programme and is delighted to see the developments in the NJR’s approach to research with the strategic direction being shaped by NJR Research Committee Chair, Professor Mark Wilkinson. Precis of just some of the most recent NJR-supported research papers that use NJR data are published in section 3.7 of the full report. In addition, we would particularly encourage you to explore research using NJR data that has been published since the last annual report which you can find here.

This year we have also included short reports on sustainability from the two fellows we are currently guiding in their valuable work spotlighting sustainability considerations and concerns in the orthopaedic sector.

Each year we aim to make new progress in reporting, using our rich data resource, making data easily accessible in our aim to help to improve patient outcomes. This year, analysis by the talented and committed team at the University of Bristol on each joint can be found in the full report in the Downloads area. This contains detailed information on implant performance and survivorship up to a maximum of 19.75 years.

Details of implant and unit-level activity and performance can be found both in the full report and in more detail in the specific document in the Downloads area.

Enhancing the online digital format

With the continued progress of development of the NJR Reports website, alongside the demise of printed publications more generally, the NJR Executive and Editorial committees have made the ecological, cost-saving decision to only publish the Annual Report on our online website this year, so we will not have any print copies available. Sharing the report online makes all sections of the report more accessible as navigable pages on the report website or as downloadable files, which can all be found here.

Descriptive analysis of the NJR’s demographic data and activity trends can also be found by using the above link to the site. The data is filterable to enable user-driven enquiries and members of the Editorial Committee provided invaluable contributions towards the interactive filter options offered in the presentation of clinical activity data for all joint types. The intuitive, flexible options help readers to engage with the data and have been well-received by visitors to the NJR Reports website – and we will review and strengthen this report website further each year.

The 20th NJR Annual Report was formally launched at the BOA Annual Congress in Liverpool in September 2023, during the NJR Session.

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