Implant Scrutiny Committee
member list

Mr Peter HowardChair
Chair, NJR Surgical Performance Committee
Mr Colin EslerVice Chair
Mr Tim WiltonMedical Director, NJR
Robin BrittainPatient representative, NJR Board
Mr Derek PeggChair, NJR Regional Clinical Coordinators Committee
Chair, NJR Data Quality Committee
Professor Jonathan ReesBritish Elbow and Shoulder Society (BESS) representative
Mr Jon MutimerRegional Clinical Coordinator, NJR
Rebecca Owen
Ashley Stratton-Powel
MHRA representatives
Andy SmallwoodNHS Procurement representative
Mr Keith TuckerODEP/Beyond Compliance representative
Mr Jaime Candal-CoutoOrthopaedic specialist for shoulders (BESS)
Elaine YoungDirector of Operations, NJR
Chris BoultonDeputy Director of Operations, NJR
Rebecca SwinsonAssociate Director of Performance and Business Planning, NJR
Dr Claire Newell
Edward Caton
Mike Swanson
NJR Lot 1 Contract (NJR data management, data solutions and associated services) representatives
Professor Michael Whitehouse
Dr Adrian Sayers
Jonathan Evans
Kevin Deere
NJR Lot 2 Contract (NJR statistical analysis, support and associated services) representatives
Last update: June 2024
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