Implant Scrutiny Committee
member list

Mr Peter HowardChair (NJR Surgical Performance Committee Chairman and
NJRSC Orthopaedic surgeon member)
Mr Tim WiltonNJR Medical Director
Robin BrittainNJRSC Patient representative
Mr Derek PeggChair , NJR Regional Clinical Coordinators Committee
Chair, NJR Data Quality Committee
Professor Jonathan ReesBritish Elbow and Shoulder Society (BESS) representative
Mr Jon MutimerNJR Regional Clinical Coordinator
Sharon Knight
Rachel Heard-White
Lisa Agyemang
MHRA representatives
Andy SmallwoodNHS Procurement representative
Mr Keith TuckerODEP/Beyond Compliance representative
Elaine YoungNJR Director of Operations
Chris BoultonNJR Deputy Director of Operations
Rebecca SwinsonNJR Associate Director – Performance and Business Planning
Nicola DaisieNJR Operations Manager – Performance and Business Planning
Dr Claire Newell
Edward Catton
Mike Swanson
Richard Armstrong
NJR Lot 1 Contract (NJR data management, data solutions and
associated services) representatives
Professor Michael Whitehouse
Dr Adrian Sayers
Professor Andrew Judge
NJR Lot 2 Contract (NJR statistical analysis, support and associated
services) representatives
Last update: March 2022
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