Research Committee
member list

Professor Mark WilkinsonChair, NJRSC Public health and epidemiology representative
Mr Tim WiltonNJR Medical Director
Gillian Coward
Robin Brittain
NJRSC Patient representatives
Mr Derek PeggCo-opted member (Chair of NJR Regional Clinical Coordinators Committee)
Professor Alex MacGregorCo-opted member (past Chair)
Professor Mike Reed
Mr Peter Howard
Professor Amar Rangan
Professor Andrew Price
NJRSC Orthopaedic surgeon member
Professor James MasonCo-opted member (Health Economist)
Dr Joathan JeffersExpert in Mechanical Engineering
Mr Dave TownshendExpert in foot and ankle surgery
Elaine YoungNJR Director of Operations
Chris BoultonNJR Deputy Director of Operations
Rachel BrophyNJR Research and Governance Programme Manager
Dr Claire Newell
Mike Swanson
NJR Lot 1 Contract (NJR data management, data solutions and associated services)
Professor Andrew Judge
Professor Daniel Prieto-Alhambra
Professor Michael Whitehoue
NJR Lot 2 Contract (NJR statistical analysis, support and associated services)
Last update: March 2022
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