NJR Surgical Performance Committee (SPC)

Chair’s report – Mr Peter Howard

Peter Howard
Mr Peter Howard
Chair NJR Surgical Performance Committee

The SPC is comprised of its Chairman, and also the NJR Medical Director, RCC Chairman, surgeon representatives from the RCC committee, CQC representatives, a patient representative, representation from the NJR Management Team and representatives of both Lot 1 & 2 NJR contractors.

We have continued with the schedule of two data reviews each year, assessing performance over the previous five and ten years for both units and surgeons performing hip and knee joint replacement. The Accountability and Transparency Model, that we first introduced in 2017 is now well embedded and we work closely with the CQC and NHS Improvement to escalate issues where necessary. Work is ongoing to further develop the model to ensure we are enabling transparency across the whole sector.

Annual Clinical Report and Consultant Level Report

Further changes and updates have been made this year to the Annual Clinical Report (ACR) provided for all Trusts, health boards and independent hospitals and also to the Consultant Level Report (CLR) provided for consultant surgeons. These reports are accessible through the NJR Connect – Data Services portal. They include a number of changes that were previously put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new section has been included in the CLR that enables surgeons to see how many procedures they have carried out jointly with another consultant (dual or tandem operating). The ACR also carries a new section identifying how many different implant brands a unit has used over the past five and ten years, the names and volume used of each brand can be seen through the Reports (Trust Level Implant Reports).

Implant mismatch

We are continuing to alert surgeons and units to the very rarely occurring mismatches in size, side and manufacturer. This alert process is well embedded and is monitored regularly by the both the SPC and NJR Data Quality Committee. We have developed a tool that enables a check in theatre for any incidence of mismatch and throughout the coming year, the recommendations from the Healthcare Service Investigations Bureau (HSIB) to action and enable this real time checking of implants in theatre will be piloted.

Future plans

A working group is developing a process and methodology to monitor surgeon and hospital performance for shoulder joint replacement. The expansion of the SPC committee to oversee and monitor shoulder replacement surgery will provide further reassurance to patients of the value on the registry for their safety.

Peter Howard – 2021

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