Surgical Performance Committee member list

Name Role/representative
Mr Peter Howard Chair
Mr Tim Wilton NJR Medical Director
Professor Tim Briggs CBE Chair, GIRFT Programme
National Director of Clinical Improvement, NHSI/E
Elaine Young NJR Director of Operations
Chris Boulton NJR Deputy Director of Operations
Rebecca Swinson NJR Associate Director – Performance and Business Planning
Nicola Daisie NJR Operations Manager – Performance and Business Planning
Chris Boulton NJR Deputy Director of Operations
Olivia Forsyth
Dr Claire Newell
Mike Swanson
Richard Armstrong
Edward Caton
NJR Lot 1 Contract (NJR data management, data solutions and
associated services) representative(s)
Kevin Deere
Professor Ashley Blom
Dr Adrian Sayers
Professor Michael
Professor Andrew Judge
NJR Lot 2 Contract (NJR statistical analysis, support and associated
services) representative(s)
Co-opted members
David Harvey
Mr Mike Zeidermann
Care Quality Commission representative(s)
Robin Brittain NJRSC Patient representative
Mr Derek Pegg Chair, NJR Regional Clinical Coordinators Committee
Chair, NJR Data Quality Committee
Mr William Tice NJR Regional Clinical Coordinator
Mr Vipul Patel NJR Regional Clinical Coordinator
Last update: March 2022
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