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StatsOnline definition of terms


Completed operations

A completed operation indicates one patient episode entered into the NJR database. The number of operations may not always equal the sum total of hip and knee procedures since more than one joint may be replaced during the same operation (eg a bilateral knee operation involves two procedures, one on the left and one on the right knee).

CSV file

Statistics are made available for download as a comma separated value (CSV) file. Data within a CSV file can be more easily viewed and manipulated in a database or a spreadsheet (such as Microsoft Excel).

The start date and the end date of the reporting period are indicated within the file.

Ankle procedures

A completed ankle procedure indicates one patient ankle procedure entered into the NJR database.

Hip procedures

A completed hip procedure indicates one patient hip procedure entered into the NJR database.

Knee procedures

A completed knee procedure indicates one patient knee procedure entered into the NJR database.


Statistics for named hospitals and treatment centres are provided. However, for ease of use, a heading of 'hospital' is used across this website to indicate both hospitals and treatment centres.

NJR consent rate (%)

The NJR consent rate is calculated as (Number of operations submitted with NJR patient consent) ÷ (Total number of operations submitted) x 100.

NJR patient consent is required for patient personal details to be recorded on the NJR. A patient's personal details allow, for example, primary and revision operations to be linked, and help identify individuals that have received an implant if there is a need for urgent clinical review.

Totals for operations (and procedures)

The totals displayed represent the total number of NJR records that were entered in the stated time period. The totals do not correspond to the number of operations (or procedures) that took place in that time period (i.e. the operation date does not necessarily lie within the reporting period).

Example - an operation that took place on 23 June might be submitted on 2 July and would therefore appear in July figures.

Totals for the current year

Totals for the current year are reported until the end of the most recent month (ie only full months are reported). The most recent month is indicated.


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