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StatsOnline is a web-based facility for the provision of NJR statistics for NHS hospitals and treatment centres and independent healthcare providers in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man; and the States of Guernsey.

NJR StatsOnline can show you how much data hospitals and treatment centres have submitted to the NJR since the 1st April 2003.

Data can be provided for whole calendar months and updated thereafter on a monthly basis.

The statistics are based on the operation date. Data at the hospital level is supplied by both operation date and the date the operation record was submitted to the registry.

The statistics currently available include:

  • the total number of operations submitted to the registry
  • number of hip procedures
  • number of knee procedures
  • number of ankle procedures
  • number of elbow procedures
  • number of shoulder procedures
  • the NJR consent rate (percentage of submitted records that have NJR patient consent).

These statistics can be sent to you by request:

  • for a named hospital (or treatment centre)
  • by region: this will list all the NHS and independent hospitals and treatment centres in the region of your choice
  • by NHS organisation: this will list all the NHS hospitals and treatment centres in a given trust/local health board
  • by independent healthcare provider organisation.

Summary data tables are also available.

Please get in touch with us at the NJR Service Desk (details as below) to let us know what statistics you require.


NJR Compliance

NJR Compliance measures the proportion of cases reported to NJR, compared to cases reported to other sources of comparative data, such as HES.  This provides a basis for NJR to report on the completeness of its data.  NJR Compliance is also used as part of the Best Practice Tariff calculation for hip and knee surgery. 

Where cases are outsourced to another provider, but reported through HES by the originally commissioned Trust, some procedures may be reported as ‘missing’ from the NJR.  This is because the corresponding NJR record will have been submitted by the outsourced provider and the HES record does not accurately record the identity of that outsourced provider. 

To prevent such cases being reported as ‘missing’ from the NJR, it is essential to complete the SITETRET field in HES with the NACS code (formerly the ODS code) of the organisation to which the procedure has been outsourced.   Completion of this field enables NJR to exclude the record from the data it expects to be recorded for the Trust, whilst also enabling NJR to ensure that the corresponding record has been submitted by the outsourced provider.

Any requests for statistics and any queries should be directed to the NJR Service Desk using the following contact details:

Telephone:    0845 345 9991




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