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Collecting consent

Many hospitals are collecting patients’ personal details effectively, and although it has become clear that no one process fits every hospital, this section does highlight some core tasks that should be carried out.

There is an NJR Guide: 'Patient Consent Process' you can access by clicking here.

Ask for patient consent for each operation

It is important to ask a patient for their consent in respect of each operation for the following reasons:

  • the patient may have consented in the past but does not want to have any further data entered against their name
  • the patient may have withdrawn consent (as is their right) and has asked the NJR Centre to remove their personal details from the NJR system
  • at the time of data entry, it would be difficult to determine whether consent had been given previously.

Keep staff informed

It is important that all relevant staff are aware of how your hospital collects patient consent.

Keep patients informed

When collecting consent you should make sure that patients:

  • know what they are consenting to and why their consent is important to the NJR
  • are aware of the benefits of the NJR, but that they are not pressurised into giving consent
  • are asked for their written consent each time they have an operation.

Further advice and guidance

The NJR has produced a range of publications to support your work, to help obtain patient consent and to help patients understand its importance. 

One of the publications available is a good practice guide, mentioned above in the link, that helps you to consider how patient consent can be collected within your hospital’s internal systems and processes. 

There is also a series of case studies that will help provide you with useful tips, ideas and guidance to help you obtain patient consent.


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