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Barcode reader facility

Scanning implant barcodes avoids having to manually input data and so helps to preserve data quality while saving time. The barcode reader facility allows hospitals to scan barcodes on component packaging and automatically enter implant details onto the NJR.

What barcodes are recognised?

The majority of barcodes from leading component suppliers are recognised. You will find that some supplier barcodes are not recognised, this may be because it is either an old or new component, or because the barcode contains a character that is not registered on the NJR. Where this occurs you will need to enter the data manually.

Some suppliers have more than one barcode on their packaging and it is not always clear which barcode(s) contain the product information. Some specific examples include:

  • Biomet products, which usually have two groups of barcodes on their packaging; one group of three barcodes and one group of two barcodes. You need to scan the group of two barcodes
  • Corin products, which have one group of two barcodes, plus a single barcode on their packaging. You need to scan the single barcode twice; once for the Product number and again for the Lot number
  • JRI products, which have a single barcode on their packaging. The barcode will need to be scanned twice, once to enter data into the Product box and again to enter data in the Lot box.

There are a few manufacturers that do not use barcodes at all, which is the case for many cement products. This means that cement reference and lot numbers can not always be easily scanned.

The NJR Centre is working closely with all UK suppliers to incorporate as many component barcodes as possible.


The NJR has produced a user guide and guidance for scanners can be found within this guide - click here.

Barcode scanners

Unfortunately the NJR is no longer able to provide barcode scanners. If you have any queries please contact the NJR Service Desk.


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