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Data Entry System

This page serves as a portal to the NJR Data Entry System which you can link to on the right hand side of this page. In order to be able to access the Data Entry System you must first have registered with the NJR. To register for an account you must send an email to the NJR Centre. The email must be sent from a hospital email address as the NJR Centre will be unable to approve requests for new users if they are sent from a personal email address. For more information about how to register, please see our Registration page.

Bulletin board

This section is reserved for announcements that are specific to the Data Entry System. For more general announcements and events, please see the news and events page.

The NJR application has been changed to allow patient details to be entered where ‘Don’t know’ is recorded for Patient Consent, which now ensures that all procedures recorded on the NJR for a single patient can be linked, improving the monitoring of implant performance. It is essential that patient consent is sought for all procedures submitted to NJR. If it is discovered subsequently that a patient either gave their consent or positively declined it please ensure that you inform the NJR Service Desk so that the appropriate changes can be made on the patient record.

Any queries regarding patient consent should be put to your NJR Regional Coordinator, the contact details of which can be obtained from the NJR Service Desk.

A letter from the NJR Centre explaining Section 251 Exemption is available on the right of this web page, under “Related documents”.

NJR ReportsOnline

NJR ReportsOnline provides information to surgeons and hospital data managers on case totals, case mix and implant usage (a series of reports for trust and hospital managers are being developed). The reports can be accessed through the normal data entry page.

We would welcome your comments on the current set of reports and your suggestions for new reports. Please do log on and try them out and inform all those involved in the NJR of their existence. Please forward your comments and suggestions to either the NJR Service Desk or your NJR regional coordinator.


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