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Implant components

For the NJR to fulfill its aim of monitoring the performance of all implants in current use, the implant component details recorded on the NJR must accurately reflect those provided by the implant supplier.

This area of the site gives you advice about how to search for components and how to request new components.


What components should be recorded?


The following components should be recorded on the NJR:

  • ankle talar components
  • ankle tibial components
  • ankle meniscal components
  • hip femoral stems
  • hip femoral heads
  • hip acetabular cups
  • hip accessories
  • one piece hinged knee
  • knee tibial components
  • knee femoral components
  • knee meniscal components
  • knee patella
  • knee accessories
  • custom-made components
  • bone cement
  • bone substitute

Please note - a Waldemar complete knee comes in a box with:

  • a component sticker included for the whole knee,
  • a component sticker for the femoral component and
  • a component sticker for the tibial component. 

Unfortunately, all three stickers have the same catalogue number (but different batch no). The catalogue number is classified as a complete knee. Please only enter the number once.

Some units are erroneously entering all three cat nos, some two and some only one. If a unit enters more than one of the catalogue numbers then this registers onto the that more than one complete knee system has been used which causes problems analysing the data.

The components listed below do not need to be recorded on the NJR:

  • wire
  • mesh
  • cables
  • plates
  • screws
  • surgical tools, eg blades
  • endoprosthesis
  • bipolar heads.

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