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To access the NJR Data Entry System you will need to register for an NJR user account.

User accounts

There are four categories of NJR user accounts, each have a different level of data access.

  • NJR Hospital Data Entry: can enter data on the system but does not have access to any data reports.
  • NJR Hospital Data Manager: can access all NJR data for the hospital under which they are registered. They can only view data for surgeons who have given their prior permission. (This permission can be given online within the data entry system via the individual surgeon’s user account or by emailing the NJR Centre.)
  • Surgeon: can access their own data for operations they have performed in hospitals registered on the NJR. Lead surgeons can access their own data and consultants-in-charge can access all data where they are recorded as the consultant in charge. (Surgeons need to ensure that they have been affiliated with all relevant hospitals on the NJR database.)
  • Implant supplier: can access their own component data and download their component lists, ie NJR categorisation code, description and supplier catalogue (reference) number, for checking purposes.


To register for an account you will need to send an email to the NJR Centre. The email must be sent from a hospital email address; the NJR Centre will not be able to approve requests for new users if they are sent from personal email addresses, such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

When emailing a request you will need to include the following information:

  • your user type, eg hospital data entry
  • your name (in full)
  • the hospital(s) at which you work
  • your GMC code and grade, if you are a surgeon.


The NJR Centre will need to verify the identity of each new user and must receive written authorisation, via email, from the hospital for Hospital Data Entry and Hospital Data Manager user accounts. The authorisation must be sent from a Hospital email address by an accountable person, eg a unit manager, clinical director or lead surgeon.

Surgeons may verify and activate their account via email and do not need to have the request sent by an accountable person, eg a unit manager or clinical director. The request must come from their own hospital email address; the log on details will only be provided to this address. Surgeons cannot register for a user account without a GMC code.

User account details

At the time of registration you will be issued with unique ID data, including a user name, memorable data and a password. You can specify your own password and memorable data, but they must:

  • be between 8 and 16 characters
  • contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters (at least one of each)
  • contain at least one number
  • not contain spaces.

If you forget your password or your ‘memorable data’ you will need to contact the NJR Centre. To maintain security the NJR Centre do not keep copies of passwords or the memorable data and therefore reset this information each time.


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