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NJR data set

The set of data fields collected by the NJR is known as the Minimum Data Set (MDS). The majority of MDS data fields relate to the patient's operation details and are collected in the operating theatre.

An important subset of data fields in the MDS are the patient’s personal details (surname, forename, date of birth, home postcode and NHS number or national patient identifier). Patients must give their consent for this data to be recorded on the NJR.

The MDS is periodically reviewed to ensure that it takes account of clinical developments and continues to meet the aims of the NJR. The Data Entry System (the electronic system for collection and transfer of data) and the MDS proformas (paper forms for recording NJR data prior to electronic submission) are revised in line with approved modifications to the dataset. NJR users are notified of any changes that impact on data entry.

MDS current version and release dates

The NJR launched Minimum Data Set Version 7 on Monday 4th June 2018

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The revised and refined NJR Minimum Data Set (version 7) - the mandatory information that is collected - was launched on Monday 4th June 2018. There are small changes to what data are collected and how they are recorded on the data entry system. Ensuring use of the new data collection forms is one way of minimising disruption to data collection.

Previous versions

Version  Joint Primary procedures Revision procedures  Release Dates 
 6 Hip H1 (▼) H2 (▼) November 2014
 6 Knee K1 (▼)  K2 (▼)  November 2014
 6 Elbow E1 (▼) E2 (▼) November 2014
 6 Ankle A1 (▼)  A2 (▼)  November 2014
 6 Shoulder S1 (▼) S2 (▼)  November 2014
 5 Elbow E1 (▼) E2 (▼)  April 2012 
 5 Shoulder S1 (▼) S2 (▼)  April 2012 
 4 Ankle A1 (▼) A2 (▼)  April 2010
 3.1 Hip H1 (▼) H2 (▼)  June 2009
 3.1 Knee K1 (▼) K1 (▼)  June 2009
 2.2 Hip H1 (▼) H2 (▼)  December 2005
 2.2 Knee K1 (▼) K2 (▼)  December 2005
 1 Hip H1 (▼)    April 2003
 1 Knee K1 (▼)    April 2003



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