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Surgeon Appraisal Enhancement Process

It is important that public and patients have confidence that all surgeons who carry out joint replacement surgery use and reflect upon their performance (practice) data in a structured and accountable way.
The NJR’s Surgeon Appraisal Enhancement Process offers a formal mechanism to allow joint replacement surgeons the unique opportunity to demonstrate and record, via the NJR’s Clinician Feedback tool, that they have reviewed their NJR data as part of their appraisal and revalidation, and importantly reflected upon the data.

‘Practitioner reflection’ is supported by NHS England, the British Orthopaedic Association, and NHS Improvement. The NJR will be monitoring surgeon engagement and reflection of their own practice and performance data. This new process will be reported back via an individual hospital’s NJR Annual Clinical Report. This is a new approach that will be ground-breaking for the NHS and for patient safety and reassurance.  

This is a long term initiative which will be introduced and enhanced across three important phases. The first stage retrospectively details which surgeons have downloaded their practice data up to November 2017; from this point, the second phase will then require surgeons to click a submission button that indicates their intention to use their data in their next appraisal. The third and final phase will be to embed this process as part of the NHS England audit tool; at this juncture both the surgeon and the appraiser will be required to click a submission button that indicates they have reviewed practice data in the appraisal. 

Commenting, NJR medical director, Mr Martyn Porter, said: “Offering joint replacement surgeons the unique opportunity to demonstrate and record that they have reviewed their NJR data will inform the appraisal process in a constructive way.  This approach will support both the surgeon and appraiser, with the accountability for ‘practitioner reflection’ placed upon the surgeon.  Once embedded across the health service, it will encourage best practice behaviour and drive a positive professional culture with a sharp focus on patient safety.”

Surgeon Appraisal Enhancement Process documentation:



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