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Third annual NJR Data Quality Audit launched


The National Joint Registry will be continuing its audit programme to retrospectively check the quality of data and the commitment to patient safety from all hospitals reporting to the registry.

This retrospective data audit allows the NJR to compare patient record for record procedures recorded in a local hospital’s database to the registry, with the aim of investigating the accurate number of arthroplasty procedures submitted, compared to the number carried out.

The NJR’s Data Quality Audit involves hospitals, both in the NHS and independent sector, providing an extract of data from their local Patient Administration System (PAS) relating to hip and knee primary and revision procedures. For this audit period the NJR will be assessing data for the financial year 2016/2017. This is the third year the audit has been carried out in NHS hospitals and second year independent organisations reporting to the NJR have been included in the audit.

By actively engaging with the audit, hospitals will also have the ability to gain NJR Quality Data Provider certification award. To achieve this award, hospitals are required to meet a series of six ambitious targets, including 95% or above hip and knee compliance rate with the Data Quality Audit. The scheme benefits hospitals and the NJR by helping recognise and reward best practice; increase engagement and awareness of the importance in quality data collection; and help embed the ethos that better data ultimately equals better care.

On the launch of the Data Quality Audit, NJR Data Quality Sub-committee Chairman, Mr Matthew Porteous, commented:

“Understanding data as a tool for quality improvement is an important part of the ongoing data-driven change that is happening right across the orthopaedic sector. NJR data is a fundamental driver to inform improved quality of care for patients. Therefore, it is imperative that the data provides an accurate picture of what is happening locally so that the right decisions are made.

“We have taken on board feedback and continued to improve the NJR’s data quality audit processes for hospitals year on year.  The audit is just one way that we are helping all hospitals to ensure data quality and commitment to patient safety and we hope to have their continued support.”

Important deadlines relating to the audit: 

Provision of a clean set of audit data for primary and revision hip and knee replacement procedures for the audit period 2016/17

30 November 2017

Completion of the audit activity, including submission of missing procedures for the audit period 2016/17

31 March 2018


  • All units should ensure they use the following template to return data and that there is no amendments to the template in any way.  Please complete the "hospital information" sheet using the drop down lists also:


  • All Trusts, Local Health Boards, and independent units have been contacted with relevant instructions about how to engage with the programme.  For example of all correspondence issued, please refer to the links on the right hand side of this page.
  • If you wish to know more, then please contact the NJR's dedicated Data Quality e-mail account via
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