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Recording orthopaedic products in NJR patient procedures 


The National Joint Registry (NJR) has become aware that some hospitals are using bar code 'crib sheets' for the entry of product data into the NJR Data Entry System. This has particularly been noted for the use of cement products. Many of these 'crib sheets' contain old, out of date bar codes that could result in incorrect implants being associated with patients. 

We kindly request that where such sheets are used, hospitals assure themselves that they are correct and up to date, or cease using these sheets in place of the individual implant bar codes (white labels), which are put in the MDS pro-forma. 

Data Accuracy: 

The most accurate way to record product usage in the NJR System is to use a bar code scanner. Although not all bar codes will scan, there is a manual entry facility. It is important that hospital users cross reference product codes and descriptions when using the manual entry mechanism to avoid adding the incorrect product. 

Recording the incorrect product to a patient procedure can impact patient safety, and also leads on to data quality issues. The NJR’s aim has always been to ensure the NJR data represents an accurate picture of product usage per patient, as this maximises the patients’ safety and well-being. 

If you have any queries relating to this document, please contact the NJR Centre:

Phone: 0845 345 9991 

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