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Archived annual reports

In this area you will find copies of previous NJR Annual Reports. All documents are PDFs and are on the whole, no greater than 5Mb in size.

 All related documents  All related documents

Title of report / link

Month of publication  Associated documents / link
17th Annual Report 
(April 2019-March 2020)
September 2020 All related documents
16th Annual Report 
(April 2018-March 2109)
September 2019 All related documents
15th Annual Report 
(April 2017-March 2019)
September 2018 All related documents

     14th Annual Report  (April2016-March2017)

September 2017

All related documents

13th Annual Report  (April 2015-March 2016) September 2016 All related documents
    Public and patient guides - 13th Annual Report 
12th Annual Report  (April 2014-March 2015) September 2015 Prostheses used in 2014
    Public and patient guides - 12th Annual Report (hipknee, ankleelbowshoulder
11th Annual Report  (April 2013-March 2014) September 2014 Prostheses used in 2013
    Public and patient guides - 11th Annual Report (hip, knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder)
10th Annual Report  (April 2012-March 2013) September 2013 Prostheses used in 2012
    Public and patient guide - 10th Annual Report

9th Annual Report  (April 2011-March 2012)

September 2012 Prostheses used in 2011
    Public and patient guide - 9th Annual Report
8th Annual Report  (April 2010-March 2011) September 2011 Prostheses used in 2010
    Public and patient guide - 8th Annual Report
7th Annual Report (April 2009-March 2010) September 2010 Prostheses used in 2009
6th Annual Report (April 2008-March 2009) September 2009 Prostheses used in 2008
5th Annual Report (April 2007-March 2008) September 2008

Prostheses used in 2007

Additional supporting information

4th Annual Report  (April 2006-March 2007) September 2007 Prostheses used contained within main report
3rd Annual Report  2005-2006 (work, aims and achievements)

3rd Annual Clinical Report (clinical analysis)

September 2006 See special note below*

2nd Annual Report  (January-December 2004)

2nd Annual Report Summary

September 2005 Prostheses used contained within main report

1st Annual Report  (April-December 2003)

1st Annual Report Summary

September 2004 Prostheses used contained within main report

Special note: NJR 3rd Annual Report

The 3rd Annual Report was published in two parts. Please also be aware that a number of tables relating to prosthesis brands and Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP) ratings were not included in either the printed or downloadable versions of the 3rd Annual Clinical Report. The missing information includes the  Numbers of brands of prostheses according to ODEP compliance and the Complete lists of prosthesis brands with frequency of entry into the NJR in 2005 and ODEP rating.


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