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Joint Approach newsletters

The NJR previously published a hard copy newsletter, Joint Approach, quarterly and distributed copies to all hospitals reporting to the registry. The newsletter is no longer produced, however, you can sign up to the NJR's more timely, monthly electronic bulletin here

You can download electronic copies of previous Joint Approach newsletters below.

 Autumn/Winter 2016 

This double edition includes updates to the roll-out of the NJR’s data quality audit, information on the refocusing of the NJR’s Regional Coordinators’ roles, and registration information about our forthcoming regional event on 8 February 2016.

And an updated poster pullout with the ‘key facts about joint replacement surgery’ taken from the latest Annual Report?  Click here to download >

Summer 2016 

This edition covers a brief update on the pivotal piece of work surrounding the NJR’s inaugural national programme of data quality aimed at assessing data completeness in the registry.

And also details of the advert for the NJR's Regional Clinical Coordinators (RCC) Sub-Committee.

Double edition: Winter-Spring 2016

The National Joint Registry’s core focus continues to be on our national programme of data quality and completeness since its launch last summer. To achieve this, we are continuing to undertake a range of varied and far-reaching projects which are reflected upon in this bumper edition of Joint Approach

Poster pullout! Why not display the NJR’s ‘key facts about joint replacement surgery’ poster in a patient waiting area near you?  Click here.

Summer 2015

This Summer newsletter showcases the launch of the data quality audit programme, taking place in NHS Trusts over the coming months, as well as the announcement of new NJR Steering Committee surgeon members. Take a look at the back page to find out where the registry will be this Autumn at a whole host of orthopaedic events and exhibitions. 


Winter/Spring 2015

This edition covers some of the latest developments from the registry, launched at the end of 2014 and in the first few months of the New Year. One important launch has been the inclusion of new hospital data in the form of information 'dashboards' to the hospital profiles available at You can also find out what's been happening in terms of the registry's research programme and research strategy for the coming years.


Double edition: Spring-Autumn 2014

This edition covers what has been another very busy year for the NJR. This newsletter outlines some of the completed projects launched over the Summer-time including; changes to the registry's dataset, refreshed surgeon and hospital information ( and the brand new NJR Reports website ( Please also see the 'Summary of key facts about joint replacement' pages which doubles up as a poster for your nearest hospitasl or GP waiting area.


Autumn 2013/Winter 2014

Patient-focused projects are a key feature of this Autumn/Winter edition - Joint Approach has travelled from East London to Wales and back again to find out more about initiatives that are improving the patient's experience of joint replacement surgery. Plus, if you are involved in the NJR process in your hospital, find out how to book your place at a free NJR learning event in March 2014.


Summer/Autumn 2013

This Summer/Autumn newsletter shares news from the NJR's most recent events, including its 10th Annual Report launch and 10th anniversary year reception. The inside pages feature graphics sharing the summary statistics about joint replacement in 2012 - doubling up a poster for patient waiting areas. Please ask to see this displayed on a patient noticeboard near you!


Spring/Summer 2013

This edition, the first in the NJR's 10th anniversary year 2013/14, includes the launch of NJR Surgeon and Hospital Profile - information about surgeons who perform NHS-funded hip and knee operations in England and information about the hospitals where those procedures are carried out. Plus, don't miss Ron Miller's patient story. A member of the NJR's Patient Network, Ron has experienced three hip replacement procedures.


Joint approach, Winter/SpringWinter/Spring 2013

The Winter/Spring newsletter takes an in-depth look at the NJR's recent extension to Northern Ireland (NI), with news from hospital staff that have been undergoing training in the NJR process as well as an orthopaedic surgeon who has been closely involved in the extension of the NJR. There is also news on the NJR Fellowship programme and the forthcoming launch of the NJR's first-ever eBulletin news service.


Joint approach, Autumn/Winter 2012Autumn/Winter 2012

This newsletter shares the launch of the NJR's Public and Patient Guide to the 9th Annual Report. It includes a summary of improvements made to the 2012 edition, achieved with the help and feedback of patients and the NJR Patient Network. Inside, there is a pictorial summary of the headlines from the main report as well as feedback from the annual event for hospital staff on the back page.


Joint approach, Summer 2012Summer 2012

This late summer edition shares the headlines of the NJR's 9th Annual Report plus, a summary from NJR Steering Committee member and patient representative Mary Cowern, who attended the report launch at the British Orthopaedic Association Annual Congress on Thursday 13 September 2012. Other news includes the extension of the NJR to Northern Ireland and feedback from the first meeting of the NJR Patient Network.


Joint approach, Spring 2012Spring 2012

This spring newsletter gives the latest news and feedback from the NJR's first patient event, the Patient Focus Conference held in March this year. We were very pleased to have so many patient views on Public and Patient Guide to the 2011 NJR Annual Report that will help us to improve the 2012 edition. Also inside, one patient's story on shoulder replacement and information about the data collection for elbow and shoulder joint replacements which started in April 2012.


Joint approach, Winter 2011Winter 2011

This 'new-look' edition announces the launch of the first ever Public and Patient Guide to the 2011 NJR Annual Report. The Guide aims to give patients a more digestible and accessible summary of the surgical data reported on this year. It also includes the latest news on upgrades to the Component Management System, joint working with NHS Choices and the Care Quality Commission and the new NJR Steering Committee representatives.


Joint approach, Autumn 2011Autumn 2011

This edition announces the launch of the 8th NJR Annual Report, highlighting the news that the NJR recorded its largest-ever number of data submissions in 2010/11 (179,450) and reporting that the average male knee replacement patient is obese. Also included are the NJR objectives for 2011/12.


Joint approach, Summer 2011Summer 2011

This edition of Joint Approach confirms the news that data collection for the NJR is now mandatory for all relevant NHS organisations. There is also an update on the progress made by the NJR Research Fellows, as well as an interview with the newly appointed NJR Steering Committee Chair.


Joint approach, Spring 2011Spring 2011

This issue focuses on the work of the NJR from a patient perspective. It announces the new patient summary in the 8th Annual Report, and covers the role of patients in shaping the future of the NJR. It also includes an interview with a 15-year-old hip replacement patient.


Joint approach, Winter 2010Winter 2011

This edition announces the addition of the millionth procedure to the NJR and outlines the plans for 2011. Also included are details of the new research infrastructure for NJR data, and news of the launch of NJR Supplier Feedback.


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