Changes to
NJR Connect

Changes made to NJR Connect Data Services, active from 17 July 2024

Disaggregation of Consent – a change to the reporting of the NJR consent rate. There will be three rates moving forwards – Overall, Elective and Trauma. This change will be rolled out across feedback reporting e.g. in this release it has been applied to the Management Feedback Data Submissions report. Later this year it will be applied to Consultant Level and Surgeon Level reports and Annual Clinical Reports.

Retired surgeon access to Clinician Feedback
Retired surgeons will be able to access aggregated “My Data” dynamic reports and the main body CLR/SLR reports from 2020 onwards (CLR/SLR prior to this date contain record level information and will not be made available).

ODEP report
A new dynamic report (under ‘My Data’ menu) showing the usage of ODEP rated implants in a rolling 12-month period up to the end of the previous complete month. Refreshed monthly.

Clinician Feedback and Management Feedback:
The ‘Patient status’ report has been re-named to ‘Patient data and status’.
The following information has been added to the download report:

  • NHS Number
  • ODEP rating (for procedures from 1 April 2023 onwards)
  • Age of patient at time of index procedure
  • Grade of first assistant

Changes made to NJR Connect in April 2024

The following changes have been introduced to the system:

  • New user role

A new user group has been created for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) e.g. physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other allied professions. All users in this group have level 1 access (aggregated dynamic reports) in Management Feedback to the hospital in which they work. Access requests for these users will need to be approved by the Hospital Data Manager.

  • Bulk Upload changes

Corrections have been made to Bulk Upload functionality to stop records presenting with errors when optional fields have not been completed.

  • Automated Data Quality Audit functionality

The Exported files of NJR Unmatched Records, Matched Records, and Partial Matched Records now include the Linked Record label.

Filters on the NHS Number field on Provider Unmatched, NJR Unmatched & Partial matched screens have been restricted to show the following options:

  • Contains
  • Starts with
  • Ends with
  • Is empty
  • Data Entry

On clicking on any date field in data entry, the calendar will automatically appear.

Previous changes

Changes to access levels within Management Feedback (MF) and Clinician Feedback (CF)

All users associated with a hospital/trust/independent group (except bulk upload users) have been given access to Management Feedback dynamic reporting.

There are two levels of access

  • Level 1 – Unit data reports – aggregate level reports only
  • Level 2 – Unit data reports – all reports + ACRs
MF access levelLevel 1Level 2
ACR userxACR only
Chief Executive Officerxx
Clinical Governancexx
Consultant in chargex 
Data Quality Leadx 
Data Quality uploaderx 
Hospital Data Entryx 
Hospital Data Managerxx
Lead Surgeonx 
Medical Directorxx
NJR Clinical Liaison Leadxx
Procurement and FinancexImplant reports only
Surgeon Data Entryx 

The table below provides a breakdown of the reports accessible in each category – Level 1 or Level 2

MF access levelMenu optionReport
1Unit dataHospital Summary
1Unit dataData submissions
1Unit dataActivity
1Unit dataUnit level funnel plots
2Unit dataSurgeon level funnel plots
1Unit dataReasons for revision
2Unit dataPatient Status
1Unit dataUnadjusted Revision rate
2Unit dataCLR Download status
2Unit dataShoulder metrics
2Unit dataProcedure data extract
2ReportsAnnual Clinical Reports – ACR
2ReportsAnnual Clinical Reports – Addendum report (19_20) reason for revision
2ReportsAnnual Clinical Reports – Section 8 Addendum report (18_19)

Shoulder Metrics reporting
Dynamic report menu – My data/Unit data

A newly introduced set of activity-based outcome metrics and data quality metrics for primary and revision shoulder procedures can be found in Clinician Feedback and Management Feedback.

The report is available only to surgeons and units who carry out shoulder procedures.

The report is refreshed on a monthly basis up to the end of the previous financial quarter so the latest year will refresh to June/September/December/March e.g. in April/May/June the report will update to the end of March of the previous financial year.

Report tabs available

  • Consent
  • Time to submission
  • Primary demographics
  • Primary procedure numbers
  • Primary procedure breakdown
  • Completed OSS (Management Feedback only) – primary procedures only
  • Revision procedure numbers
  • Revision cause

Procedure data extract (MF – Dynamic report menu/Unit data)

This report allows the user to download all NJR data for the unit. This extract can be used to view and download both submitted and unsubmitted records. The downloadable version of this report contains additional procedure data not shown on the screen.

Password Expiry

The expiry period for surgeons has been increased from 90 to 180 days. Please note that following these time periods users have a grace period of 30 days in which they can reset the password themselves. After this, they need to contact the service desk to reset the password.

Users will always need to contact the service desk if they enter an incorrect password 5 times in succession.

Automated Data quality audit

The automated data quality audit tool has been enhanced to allow users to

  • (a) search for records using the NHS number in addition to local patient ID
  • (b) download records (all fields) in XLSX and PDF formats.

Data entry

A number of cosmetic changes have been made following the release of MDSv8.

The following process changes have been made:

Barcode scanning – workflow improvements have been made for implants that have 2 barcodes (primary and secondary). Once the primary is scanned the cursor will automatically move to the lot number field without interruption on the screen and the user can then scan the secondary barcode. The system will automatically decode and add the scanned implant.

Re-operation form – the UCS options screen will now only be displayed if the procedure type selected is ‘Fixation of periprosthetic fracture’.

Primary procedure (all joints) study id question – when creating the first primary procedure in an NJR record where patient consent = yes the user has to complete questions regarding participation in a study. In the first release of MDSv8 this question required the user to return to the patient details page to complete the information. These questions now appear as a pop-up:

Changes to NJR connect

and once completed and closed will populate the fields on the Patient Details page for the user.

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