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A welcome from our patient representatives

Gillian Coward, NJR patient representative

Gillian Coward

Robin Brittain, NJR patient representative

Robin Brittain

Click the image to see Robin Brittain talking about the work of the NJR

Welcome to the patient section of the NJR website. As patients ourselves, we know how important it is to understand the treatment and options recommended for us as we prepare for surgery. Replacing a worn out, damaged joint should bring relief from pain and improve mobility. Joint replacement is a highly successful operation and the good news is the majority of patients report they are much better after their surgery and look forward to a better quality of life.

The National Joint Registry (NJR) has been gathering information since 2003 about joint operations carried out – and now has nearly 4 million records! The primary aim of collecting and studying this information is to improve patient safety, experiences and outcomes. Having clear evidence about the best surgical techniques and the best performing implants for different patient case types is really valuable for guiding your surgeon and medical team in deciding what are the best options for you. Our bodies come in all shapes, sizes and ages and we may also have other health problems which will need to be considered before surgery.

The more you understand about what will be involved in your forthcoming joint replacement surgery the better prepared and more confident you will be. We hope you will find plenty of useful information here to learn about the treatment and replacement implant recommended for you – and that it will enable you to plan questions for your surgeon and healthcare team.

It might also be useful to talk things over with family members, carers or friends, who will be supporting you at this time. You will want to build a clear picture of what your joint surgery will involve and what assistance you will need. Finding out as much as you can will give you time to think and help you make an informed choice.

Shared decision-making recognises the many factors in your life that will lead to better quality decisions – from your surgeon’s advice through to support from your family and friends. You can find some specific advice on thinking through your choices here.

There are many others facing the prospect of joint replacement and a lot of additional support is available for you. Some of the organisations that can help, as well as their contact details, are listed here. They can offer further advice on preparation and on looking after yourself, both before and after surgery.

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