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The NJR Surgeon and Hospital Profile, published on the Surgeon and Hospital Outcomes website, enables patients, their friends, family and carers to view surgeon and hospital-specific data and to make comparisons between hospitals. This service is intended to enable patients to find useful information to empower them to make informed decisions about their care and their surgery.

We continue to work closely with lead speciality body the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA), alongside other specialist orthopaedic societies to agree on a plan for publication and ensure that the development of the surgeon and hospital profiles on the NJR website accurately represents outcomes, for the benefit of patients, their carers and the wider public.

All consultant orthopaedic surgeons in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and Guernsey who have carried out at least one hip/knee/ankle/elbow/shoulder joint replacement procedure as ‘Consultant in Charge’ in any hospital in the above geographic areas during the most recent financial year are included for publication.

The website was refreshed with FY2022/23 outcome data in January 2024.

Changes to the website include:

The outlier analysis now runs from May to May (in 5 and 10-year periods) rather than August to August, i.e. the timeframe it has been in previous years. This was due to the introduction of MDSv8 in June 2023.

Updating Surgeon Profile Information

Consultants are encouraged to add/update their profile information prior to publication to identify any specialist areas of practice and membership(s) of professional bodies. They can do this by logging into NJR Connect – Data Services, hovering over their name on the top right of the screen and clicking on ‘Edit profile’. From there, they can select the ‘Surgeon’ tab to update their specialities and society memberships, and then select the ‘Person’ tab to upload their photo if they wish to do so. 

For any consultant wishing to see how this profile area displays, please visit and search to review the profile of Timothy Wilton, NJR Medical Director.

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