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We run a rolling NJR Research Fellowship programme which is delivered in partnership with Orthopaedic Research UK and the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

We welcome applications from orthopaedic trainees who wish to contribute to the analysis of NJR data by undertaking a period of independent research into topics related to joint replacement surgery.

The fellowship is worth up to £70,000 per annum for a maximum two-year period.

We look forward to receiving applications from potential new fellows who can help to maximise the value of the use of data in new ways to help drive improvements and enhance service quality in orthopaedics.

Professor Mark Wilkinson

Fellowship Applications

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

• Be a member, affiliate or ad eundem of RCS, or you may have an ad eundem application in progress;
• Have an identified host institution with a recognised orthopaedic centre;
• Must be pre-CCT (completion of training) at the time of taking up the fellowship;
• Have the written support of an orthopaedics-orientated mentor;
• Propose a project that is aligned with the broad strategic objectives of the NJR and is based upon NJR data.

Please note the second year of the Fellowship is subject to satisfactory performance in the first year.

NJR/OUK/RCSEng Fellows will remain employed by their host institution, remunerated by the RCS. No indirect or directly incurred costs are allowed.

Closing date for applications was 5 February 2024.

To apply for the Fellowship next year visit:


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